Monday, July 07, 2008

Nutkin Socks

Summer socks 2008, first pair done. I am planning another few days vacation, so I can knit "vacation socks".

These socks are not perfect, but will do. I might make another pair with this pattern, except the heel and toe part. I don't care for short row heel and toe too much. The pattern is super easy and pretty. I want to try it with a solid color though.

Back to sock knitting. Hmmm, maybe some freeform crocheting to give some variety to my obsessions.


Callie said...

I love your nutkins! Everyone is making them these days, and every time I see them done up, it is so unique. So far yours, with the colour pattern and the self striping, are my faves.

Pirk said...

Gee, thanks, Callie,
You made my day!

Gosh Yarn It! said...

Wow! I love these socks. What a wonderful project! You are very creative.