Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Another impulsive thought

These are my current projects that are being worked on every day. I will get the red shawl finished tonight, if I stop blogging.
The shawl is called Otono. I have modified the pattern, because I made two others already, but I like the edging very much.
The yarn is Alpaca Paint.

The orange project start is going to be another February Lady Sweater. This one is for a friend of mine. She has a birthday in June, so this will be finished soon, too. The yarn is Tanis FiberArts
Merino wool.

The green project is for me, it's supposed to be a summer tee. The yarn is somewhat heavy cotton, Butterfly, thus creating slightly heavier top than I could wear in our humid summer days. Perhaps it would be better in the autumn. Hopefully I will finish it before the summer is over. I do have some free form crochet projects also in my tote bag, but
the two items are now first on my list.

I went to Winners today. It's a store, if you don't know what kind of a Winner I went to see.
They have designer clothes at discounted prices, and some other stuff. I was looking for a pair of pants, and perhaps some nice summer shoes.
I came out of the store with a cook book, small box that fits either some of my needles, little things needed in crocheting and knitting, or pens and then there will be three or four smaller slots for something else.
Well, that was not so bad, since I wanted (want ≠ need) those. My impulse purchase was an oil painting kit.
Included: booklet, two canvases, several oil paint tubes, some brushes, palette, and knife.

Now, do I need this now? No, but I wanted it anyway. I want to try my patience with oil paints.
(the paint dries so slowly). We'll see, in the future.

First I must clear my mess around the dining table. Think about my weaving looms, and all the
other interests that I have lined up for me.

On Saturday I will go to DKC Knitters' Frolic. I will NOT buy any yarn, but will look for nice needles. The tools are very important. I love tools. Whether they are for knitting, crocheting or for art. Other supplies will then follow, but tools are important. I am trying to convince myself that I do need nice needles.

Once again I fell into Amazon trap. The other day, could have been yesterday, I ordered two
Alice Starmore's books, one in Fair Isle Knitting and the other Celtic knitting. I am sure someone should take me to see a professional for my insanity. Oh, and then, to get free shipping, I ordered two more books. One for socks, and the other a non-fiction book Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

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Janet said...

You are always so busy with projects. I wish I could do that. I love the colors....that tangerine color and the lime green....both beautiful colors that I can't wear!

You and I must keep Amazon in business! I can never say no to books!