Friday, May 21, 2010

Food is not good

This morning, 1% milk, don't ask how much, "this much" see my fingers, some chopped strawberries and out of this world icky store brand fiber (10%) cereal. Eating with a teaspoon.

I figured, if you eat foods that require a spoon, use a smaller one, it will take longer to eat, and
you will be full sooner. do you like my reasoning? I didn't have a big spoon handy, and lazy as I am, didn't feel like going to the drawer and getting a nice dinner size spoon.

No, I am not on a weight diet. I have sufficient amount of weight already, and since it wants to
stay with me, I don't want to fight. I am on a carb-kind of diet, because my blood sugar (as in
BS) keeps me on my toes, literally. I keep hitting my toes on things and that hurts.

Lunch is going to be a soup that was made of left-over veggies that I found in the fridge. Chicken
broth, with minimal carbs, is added to those veggies and the soup is delicious, with some other
spices, like oregano, and garlic.

I am having more fun preparing my daily meals to take to work than I enjoy getting ready in the
morning to go to work. The thing is, usually I want to wear something that is too wrinkled, so can't wear that, or have to iron. By this time, however, it's getting a bit late for leaving. Then
I must find something else, and at the same time decide that I will get my clothes ready in the
evening and iron all the clothes on the weekend. I like promising myself these things. I can do it
every morning and every weekend. Promises keep me on my toes. And the iron is still cold.

Lunch, veggie soup, boiled egg and leftover chicken breast. Lot's of protein.
Afternoon snack, Kiwi fruit.

Outside the kitchen stuff, I have crocheted some freeform scrumbles with thread, still knitting
February Lady Sweater for a friend, whose birthday is coming up. The sweater is not going to be done by then, because I have re-arranged my priorities, the sweater is for a cool weather, not for a hot and humid summer weather. I have been also drawing zentangles and gotten some new pens. I get excited with simple things, and am happier when I don't have to
think about buying designer clothes or purses or other more expensive items that I really don't need. I let someone else enjoy those.

I was so happy when I saw a purse at Winners the other day, it was mustard yellow, had little
side pockets and some zippers, and it just screamed my name, and I had to buy it. I have another purse in my desk drawer that has not been used yet. I might give that to my sister, who also likes purses. My yellow purse has a name, Bueno, but it does not ring a bell for me.
It was very inexpensive and ... well, I love it.

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