Tuesday, May 04, 2010

What's in your purse?

If you are carrying only one small purse, the following might scare you.

I often wonder why my purse(s) are so heavy. Most of the time I blame loose change, since
I have a very nasty habit just to toss the change into my purse. Never mind opening the
small change pouch that I had bought in Argentina. It's a perfect little coin purse, leather and with a zipper. Sometimes I organize (oh oh, what a dangerous word) my purse and am surprised
how many coins I have. It's usually a nice surprise. I collect somewhere 2 to 3 dollars in nickles, dimes and quarters.
So, why is my purse heavy?
Let's see, what's in my TOTE bag, never mind the purse.
1. Knitting bag
-Otono shawl start
-February Lady Sweater start
-Summer tee with Butterfly yarn start
2. Ball of copper color crochet thread with a steel hook (1.50 mm) attached
3. Ball of var. reds Tencel thread with a scrumble still worked on
4. 4 Sets of knitting dpn needles, various sizes
5. Crochet hooks One Tulip 5 mm, one Novita 5 mm
one size 5 steel hook
6. 2 cable needles
7. Tapestry and darning needles in a red plastic candy tube (no candies)
8. Key-ring measuring tape
9. Two small note pads
10. Pen
11. Scissors
12. Nail clippers
13. Six Ink Drawing Pens
14. Eraser
15. Pencil
16. Three different size Sketch books
17. Small "album" for drawings
18. Book of Japanese Irish Crochet Lace
19. Two Green Tea Bags
20. Hand Cream
21. Curling Iron (butane)
Are we there yet? Bored?
22. Pattern Printouts
- February Lady Sweater
- Victorian Thread Holder
23. Other Printouts
- Carb chart for fruits
- Carb counter, Low Carb Counter, Fiber Counter
- Diabetes Daily "A 7 Day Meal Plan" missing one day
24. Blood Sugar measuring thingy
25. Zentangle drawing from 1985
26. Journal
27. Thread Scrumble
28. Leather pouch for a small sketch book
29. Folder with paid and unpaid bills
30. Lightweight nylon shopping bag.
And I do not understand why I have pain in my back. And furthermore, I have not even
mentioned my handbag. The one in orange color.
Perhaps later, when I have sorted all out, and emptied the unnecessary stuff. That way I
might have a more reasonable content of my purse.

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Janet said...

Wow! And I thought I was carrying a lot of stuff in my purse! I can't imagine carrying that much stuff!! Although when I was younger I used to say I carried my life in my bag because I had so much stuff with me all the time.