Saturday, May 01, 2010

May 1st 2009

Another anniversary today, 5 years no smoking. I might have smoked in my dreams, once, if I remember correctly, but it does not count.

Today is also a May Day in Europe, which is similar to our Labour day, except the celebrations might be different the night before and during. I remember having cow bells with us and we went from house to house to wake people up. That was fun, when we were kids. A few people got really angry and threw water on us, but most of the folks new that kids do this at night before May Day.
This is a long time ago, so I cannot say that this is the case now.

I spent some of the morning and noon time at Riverdale Farm in Toronto. I was supposed to meet Sherri and her friends, but it didn't happen.

I have a slight allergy towards barn areas, and the animals that live in there. I can look at them outside, but when I go inside, my breathing has some issues, and my brain tells me to get out.

I walked around the farm area, it's beautiful. Found a place where spinners and weavers were showing their talents. The room was very hot, so my stay in there lasted a few minutes only.
Long enough, though, to say hello to a friend Sheryl, and take a picture of an interesting woven
project, still on the loom.

Walked out, sat down for a bit, and then continued towards a bench by the tulip field. I sat down, crocheted, and enjoyed the silence, the calm weather, and a beautiful view. By the bench
there were some nettles and of course I had to take a picture, because I have not seen those plants in a few years. We used to play around that plant, when we were kids, and see who would
be the bravest and not get stung. I didn't touch the plant to see if it did the stinging, a picture
was sufficient.

As I was walking towards the main areas, I started feeling unpleasantly weird. I found another
bench later and called my friend that I had to leave. So, I missed her, and the other friends.
I also missed the shearing and some other activities, but did watch the sheepdogs taking care of the lambs.

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Janet said...

Good for you for giving up smoking! I'm so thankful I never started. It seems to be a very difficult habit to break.

I hope you're feeling better. Do you have allergies?