Monday, April 05, 2010

Road Trip: Part 1

Our trip started early in the morning, way before any stores were open. We took our sweet time (I drove the speed limit) to get to our first destination. Looking for a Bayview Avenue from Davis Street in Newmarket was a back and forth driving. Once we hit
Yonge street, we knew we had to turn around.We decided to go back, and if we hit Leslie, we had gone too far. Bayview street name changes somewhere and we didn't know it. Finally, we turned on another street and I said that it must be somewhere "here". So it was and we found our first destination,
Serenity Knits. The store had not opened yet, but the owner had just arrived and welcomed us in anyway. She went to walk the little puppy "Stitches" and let us take care of the store.

We started looking around, what a nice selection of yarns.I really liked the store, the owner was super nice, and she has
the friendliest smile.
I found Butterfly yarn, and bought enough to make a summer top. The colors are Forest and Haze.

I also bought fun needles that are called Swing Needles. I have to find out how those are used. Well, I found how to use them, when looking for the link.

After the fun experience in Serenity Knits, we headed towards our next goal, Unwind Yarn store.

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Island Gal said...

It sounds so fun!!