Monday, April 05, 2010

Road Trip: Part 4

Our last yarn store was in Unionville: Mary's Yarns.
What a quaint store. We browsed in different rooms that were
set up more or less for type of yarns. There was even a room for "on sale, 50% off". And lots of buttons. The baby yarn room was quite imaginative.

I found Lang Merino Superwash, #239, yarn in that 50% off room. I got 12 skeins for $4.00 a skein. That was a steal. Oh, and the color is one of my favorites, very odd mustard yellow/green/brown something color. I am sure it has a name. I searched the web, no luck for that color (most likely discontinued, no wonder, it looks icky, but I love it).

I have to be careful with that yarn, it's superwash, and I don't have too many positive thoughts of superwash merino yarns. Zara was one of them, once you wash it, when wet, it stretches every which way and scares the living hell out of you (which is a good thing, hell escapes). However, after screaming and being worried, the fabric decides to return to its original shape. So, I have decided to wash my new sweater-to-do with this yarn and then dry it in the dryer, so I don't have to get worried. I dries nicely in a dryer. I've done it with Zara.

From Mary's yarns we headed for home, but stopped at Tim's first. It's a must.

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