Friday, August 05, 2005

Socks coming up or not

My my, another change in plans. This time it's socks. I must be nuts. I never even finished the purple shawl yet. I made one feeble scrumble today at lunch. Why did I start knitting socks?
I really must be nuts.

I went to the locker room, checked the two top boxes and wept. There are so many nice yans, and I forgot all about them.

So, I took Berella Platinum yarn out from the box. I wonder if they still make this yarn.
After dinner I started knitting. I have a strange feeling that one of the needles is bigger than the other 4. Or, I have a few thinner needles, I don't know. Of course I forgot where I put the chart where I can measure the needle sizes, or I am too lazy to look for it.

I also remember, slowly, why I don't knit too much. My fingers are already starting to complain, and the top of my left hand is aching a bit. However, I am determined to make at least one pair of socks for someone for Christmas.


Stashaholic said...

I'm a big Berella fan as you know, but I've never heard of this...maybe berella 4 replaced it?

Pirk said...

It's an old yarn. I bought it a long time ago. Could be close to ten years. I have a stash from years ago, LOL