Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Wasted a day, sort of

Didn't do much of anything today (Monday, Aug. 1), but wind yarn. This is for an exchange, and I finally got all yarn sorted and put in little plastic bags.

I don't think I crocheted at all. Most of the day was watching some idiotic movies, and playing cards on the computer. I am somewhat frustrated that I didn't get anything done. Anything?
I sorted some of my freeform scrumbles, put them in the bag to take to work tomorrow, in case I feel like working on them at lunch time. Lately I haven't done any crocheting at work.

Oh, I forgot, I did some rows on the purple batwing shawl...HOW could I forget?

It's almost 3 am. Tuesday morning, and I can't sleep.

Here is a picture of a doll who shows how I feel right now

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