Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The night is better

After my negative morning, the day started going much better. I even got a lot of work done.
My previous assistant, who was let go, still haunts me. We find notes and folders that don't make any sense. Did she hide things on purpose, trying to get me in trouble, so she could get
my job faster, faster than if I was to retire.
Oh, well, she's gone.

The parcel has arrived in California, and that was a big relief.

Tomorrow is the boss' son's birthday party at the office, or lunch, but we make it a party. One girl insisted that we should have booze. half the people don't drink, me included, and the other half will get their own coolers. I don't care, as long as I get my coffee.

The young man is a baseball player in his free time, and also plays poker a lot, and worked in our office for the summer. I went to the mall after work, looking for a key-ring with a baseball bat and ball to stick on the cake, no such luck. I found a teddy bear posing as an All Star player. So I got that instead. Too big for the cake, though. He's going to love it. NOT, but I don't care, if he doesn't care for it, if he ever has kids they will like it. I bought it to bug him. hahahha.

Besides, tomorrow is his last day at work, and off he goes back to university. I hope he takes the bear with him, so his buddies can tease him. HAHAHHAAAAAAA, I am so nice. He's always trying to be this sarcastic smartalec, rude, sob, ironic, smartypant, but I know that deep down he's a teddybear, I think, maybe not, but one can hope. He's only 20, he can still change????

Oh, shaaaat, I think I promised to crochet a doily for him, for his bd-gift, and he promised to take it to his dorm at the university, he promised, with the most sarcastic, ironic, cynicist voice he could muster. AS IF. So, as if I was gonna make him a doily. NOPE. He gets a teddybear instead. wooohoooohoohooo. I would take a picture of it, but left it in the car. Why should I keep taking stuff back and forth? I left the card and the poker napkins in the car, too. If you want to see them, go to the store, they have some left.

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