Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Trip to Listowel

Personal log, watching too much of those Voyagers et al.

We met at the gas station in the corner of Yonge and York Mills. Seven in the morning. Rosey, Sherri, Maggie and I were ready for the road. Traffic wasn't bad, ok, only at one section of the 401 there was a few too many cars, but the slowdown didn't last very long, and off we went merrily.

Got off the correct exit, heheh, but later on noticed that we were on the rong road. Turned around and around, back to the original road, where we went wrong, in exiting, or rather not exiting. That was our first sight seeing tour of suburbs of Kitchener. Tralalaa, we were traveling merrily and the girls in the back seat were investigating crochet magazines, and the front girls were either listening or ignoring, but excited in getting to the yarn sale.

OOOPs, we came to a T-intersection, which was not really marked in our map. we turned rigt, but then Maggie said that she thinks we should go to left. Another Uwie, and left we went, and went and went, until Maggie decided that we should ask directions. This is, according to Maggie:
"we are in trouble". fortunately two wonderful Amish persons, the man, gave us directions to Listowel, and off we went, relieved that we were, after all on the right road.

There were lots of different yarns, in the tent. As I went in, my excitement slowly diminished, and I just stared at the yarns. I picked some Grace cotton, walked to the next selection, picked up some lavender cotton, two packets, to make something for my granddaughter. Picked some Astra yarn, walked around, more or less lost and very distracted. I went back to the lavender cotton section, put one of the packets away, took a light yellow packet.

Ok, if I am going to explain all the different turns and twists in that tent, this is going to be too long, so I stop here, only to tell that I went back once more, and got some other kind of yarn, and one more time to get yellow Grace cotton. I bought nothing inside the store, which was right beside the tent.

We had lunch at Diane Sweets, in the downtown area. Dawn joined us and we enjoyed the food very much. I had a Western sandwich, a salad, and French Fries. One of the best WS I have had recently.

We took a different route returning home. Hwy 9 was supposed to take us directly to hwy 400. Well, I think it would have, if we stayed on hwy 9. First I turned south too early, and had to make a Uwie, which started looking like professional U-driving for me by then, heheh. I also made another too early right turn and had to make yet another, you know what, hmph.

Finally we got the right road, at least the sign said "Toronto", it was hwy 27. Soutbound we went until we hit hwy 407. I was happy, a fast road finally.

Maggie was the first one to go home with her new stash, and then Roseanne, who lives downtown. I was nervous about the rush hour traffic, but considering the time and the area, it was a piece of cake. Off got Rosey, and Sherri and I headed towards her home. We took a sideway and the traffic was wonderful. After leaving Sherri, I thought I might have a heavy traffic ahead of me, but I was wrong. I was at home within 15 minutes from Sherri's place.
Now I'm tired.

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