Sunday, August 28, 2005

Poncho making

Using RH TLC Amore Red Velvet, making a poncho for my DIL. I really didn't want to make a poncho for anyone, but I wanted to make something, and might as well make what she wants, not what I want. The picture is after 18 rows. I have spent 5 hours, not continuous, and one skein. I started last night. Well the first skein finished at the end of 17th row. I am writing all this down, so I will know when someone asks. Oh, and the pattern is from Maggie's Crochet "Matha's Coming Home Poncho".............AAAAAAAAAAAAWK, but that was the easiest, fastest looking poncho that had the right hook size. Well, that's what I thought, I am not sure that my 23 rows (as per pattern) is going to be enough for my DIL's tall being. I just have to be creative at the end, don't I?

I NEVER thought I would make this poncho, NEVER. I am not sure if I forgive myself.

Oh, my sister's stole is on the waiting for inspiration basket. I don't think I should make anything simple to make something fast. I am so bored with the stitch I am using for my sister's stole.

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