Friday, August 26, 2005

I frogged the shawl

I had made about 10 cm of this knitted shawl for my sis. Using RH Symphony, River blue yarn.

Well, actually, I didn't frog it yet, I just cut the yarn (have you ever tried to frog RH Symphony yarn???), and started crocheting with size 6.5 mm hook. WOW, I have sworn that size 5 mm is my maximum . Not any more. this one goes very smoothly. I am making a granite stitch, the pattern is here:

now, due to my rebellous nature, I had to change it a bit. I am using 49 sts + 2, and making a shawl, not a poncho. I just did two rows of it, and love it much better than the knitted one. At least I don't have to think while making this one. Well, when do I ever think anyway. I can see my hubby making faces already, heheheh.

The boss, boss' s son and boss's assssisstant (love all those essses) have gone home. There are only four of us in the office. I am by myself here at the back. I think the rest of them are either chatting in the front, with the new girl, or working on something that doesn't make any noise, like filing or something. We still have 45 minutes to go, but I am sure I will let those three leave early. Aren't I nice?

I am now going to do some real work, so I don't feel guilty for the past 30 minutes when I was testing my yarn with crochet hook. I really don't feel bad, because I came 45 minutes early to work.

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