Thursday, August 25, 2005

Petroleum Blue Yarn

On the way home from work, I stopped at Lewiscraft. Bought Allure and Bernat's Berella. Allure is midnight blue, and Berella is variegated blues. I drove home, quite happily, until
I came closer to Zellers, and I told myself that I will not be happy if I don't check what Zellers

Ah, I found six balls of Red Heart Symphony in "perfect" petroleum color, it's called Juniper, or Jupiter, as if it was important now. The color in the picture isn't exactly right, but with my
photoshop ability we are lucky to get a picture at all.

The other picture is of the surprise hubby had for me. I think he read my mind that I want to
go on a diet.

Believe me, but the skein of yarn is the same one in both pictures. I was playing with my photoshop, and well, I didn't ask hubby's help. Oh, you just have to imagine the color, or go to the store and look, that will be fine with me.

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