Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Watching tv and other stuff

This picture has nothing to do what I am about to talk about. It was taken in a nearby park, called Edwards Gardens.

You will not guess what I am watching right now, so I will tell, "the Orange County Choppers". They are building a bike for the police in tonight's episode... I like Mikey, he's almost cute.
I hope he wears long pants in the winter time. As if it was any of my business what he was
wearing. I don't have to look at his bare legs, do I now?

Sometimes I wonder why I do this blog thing. I have Life Journal program, but I don't remember to write anything there. I used to be quite active in writing, but then crocheting took
over all my other activities. I also have almost as many journal books as I have yarn, well not quite, but relatively speaking, yes. If we count the unused pages on those journals, then the blank pages would equal to the amount of unused yarn and thread I have. I love buying journals, notebooks, pens and cases to carry all that. I think I really want to be a student. I wasn't a very good student, when I was supposed to be, and now that I don't have time or the money to be one, I pretend, and buy stuff. Staples and Grand & Toy are my favorite stores, after yarn stores, oooops, I almost goofed there.

Oh, I do get nice notebooks and stuff from Zellers (going to be Target one of these days).

How did I get here? On a bike? The bike is done, and it's beautiful, if you can say that about a bike. Hmmm. Yes you can.

Want to see another picture? First I have to get rid of this page, publish it, and then come back, to be able to put the next picture in the right place. I think.

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