Monday, August 29, 2005

Poncho done

I finished the red poncho on Sunday at 10 pm, after about 12 hrs working on it. I think I was working on it steadily from 4 to 9, with a few breaks, like checking the e-mail and other important things.

Some of my buddies were on IM, but I didn't want to stop, I was determined to finish the poncho quickly, because I hate making ponchos.

I am pretty impressed with myself, I have actually finished a lot of stuff in the last two months.

Couple of doilies, two shawls, one stole and a poncho, oh, and don't forget the pair of socks, and little coasters, and squares.....oooh, my, I have ACTUALLY finished what I have started. Ok, ok, I didn't include the ones that I have started in between all those finished items. there are quite a few of them, but who counts.

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