Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Today is NOT my day

First of all, this is my PITA cat, Sir Oliver.

So, I was going to wear a "groovy" 60's skirt today. It has been hanging in the closet for a few years. I don't think I ever wore it.
So, this morning I decided to wear the dang skirt, and guess what,
the elastic was gone from the waistband. The skirt now resides in
the garbage bag, which I have to take out tonight, and there is no
way I am going to fix the waistband. I don't sew or do alterations.

Then, finally I was ready to leave for work. I could not find my car keys. I searched everywhere, even the pockets of the pants I wore yesterday. No dice. I had to empty my poor handbag and there were the keys. Not in the proper pocket for the keys. I have two small pockets, one for the phone, and the other for the keys. Who put my keys inside the bag?

I was sure that I had left the keys in the car, hubby already gone for work, and I didn't feel like going down to check the car, in case it wasn't there, if I had left the keys inside. I was mildly panicking. I don't blame me.

Ok, so I finally was able to leave. Decided to treat myself to a MacDonald bacon and egg mcmuffin. At the door I said "good morning" to an old man, who was sitting by the doorway, having a coffee and donut. He was delighted that I did that, and when I left the mall, he wished me a good day, and I did too, to him, of course. That was a nice event.

First I went to the bank machine, only to find out that I had miniscule amount of money in the checking account. I had one outstanding cheque for more than was in the bank.

I am not in the good mood.

Then, at work, I started checking my Avon account. I was so happy that I had paid the account already.
For some idiotic reason I checked the account balance, and I owed them almost 50 bucks. I had paid for the previous invoice, not the most recent. DUH!!!!

This is not going well.

I also found out that a parcel I sent to California on the 15th has not arrived as yet. The post office guy told me that it should be there in about 5 business days. I paid for airfare.

This day better turn around and start over again.

If you think that these are minor annoyances, go ahead, but enough of these little drops will fill my cupeth, and drive me nutshet.

I am wearing, this is one bright spot in my life right now, wearing the necklace I got from my friend, Carol, and it looks wonderful on me. (of course I left the camera at home, so nobody is going to take a picture of me at work)

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