Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Living with me

Isn't the easiest lifestyle.

Once again I have changed my mind. Do I ever stick to one idea? No, I guess not.

I started a blue sock on Sunday. Made about 6 cm ribbing, k1,p1, got tired of it and
changed to stockinet. I did 6 rows of blue, three rows of soft white. Oh, and then I
decided that the sock was going to be too big for anyone in my family. Frogging took
way less time than making those rows.

Then I decided that I could find a pattern in the web for that size yarn and suitable
size needles. So I did, and started. Now I want to make a scarf, using the same yarn.

Do I frog the 12 rows I've done, or do I make a pair of socks. I am not sure if I have
enough of that blue to make a scarf, toque, and socks. Guess what. I will frog this one
and design a nice scarf. I already have an idea in my head. The trick is to get on the
pattern and create it.

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