Friday, March 02, 2007

What a morning

This was the sight from the bus stop on my street this morning. I also had to cross the road at this part. Well, I didn't, I walked a bit away from the lake.

Waited for the bus for 30 minutes, and got a seat. But then I decided to take another bus, but got a seat there, too. I was just getting my knitting out of my bag, when I got a phone call; don't go to work, the building has no power. Off the bus, wait for another one to take me back home. By this time I didn't worry about the water and slush on the street, my feet were soaking wet already. I went to the mall and met a co-worker and my hubby there. He brought me a pair of dry shoes and socks. We had a coffee, chatted and left for home.

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Janet said...

Oh, Pirk, that looks terrible! I'm glad you got to have coffee and a chat instead of wading around in that any longer.