Friday, March 09, 2007

Right hand crochets IC

After a visit to my doc and took some antibiotics, my right hand is doing much better. And to see how it was doing, I knitted a few rows on my jacket. Just a few, like 4 or 5. I am at the sleeve, so there are not that many stitches as in the back part.

This morning, out of the blue, I decided that I need to do some Irish crochet, and my first project would be a maple leaf. There is a pattern in "Clones Lace"- book, which I have. I have made one maple leaf before, but I want to make another one, with smaller thread. I used size 10 thread, and now will be brave and use maybe 20, ouch. If I can find the red size 20 thread in my stash. I know I have it, in Opera. Isn't this just too much, I am constantly searching for something that I have, but have hard time finding. This is the blessing of being utterly disorganized.

This is what I did before, and want to make another one. I do need the pattern to get the same effect. I know how to make leaves, but this new idea is for a special project, and I would like to make it perfectly.

I asked my hubby to look for the book, since I didn't find it this morning. I found the other Irish Crochet book, "Irish Crochet Technique and Projects" by The Priscilla Publishing Co. but there is no pattern for a maple leaf. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he finds it.

My hand didn't mind the crochet hook, when I tested it this morning. Knitting seems to be more straining than crocheting. I didn't crochet for years, well sometimes I did, but when knitting started hurting, I switched to crocheting. Now I do both depending on the hands. Sheesh. I should insure my hands.


I finished the maple leaf, without the pattern:


Janet said...

Yes, you should insure your hands because they are valuable....just look at all the beautiful things they knit and crochet!
Love that maple leaf but I can't even imagine trying to do it in size 20 thread! Knowing you it will be beautiful!
Take care of those hands and don't over do.

Pirk said...

I didn't find the size 20 thread, I used embroidery thread instead.

That's it for my crocheting for tonight.