Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My right hand

And I am not talking about any persons here, talking about my hand.
I am right-handed, I do have left hand, too, but that is the assistant to my right hand.
The other night I must have slept in an awkward position, because when I woke up in the
morning, my right hand, around the thumb was sore like a sob. Sob as in sobbing, not the
other meaning.

Have you ever tried to close your bra, if you wear one, when the tendon around your thumb is
sprained? Have you ever held the toothbrush in your left hand when brushing your teeth, if you are right-handed. I would ask left-handed same question, in reverse, but if I do that, I won't see the keyboard....

Did you know that teeth are good tools? I was able to open an Advil bottle with my teeth, piece of cake. However, trying to open a jam jar to get jam on my toast bread, is another story. The lid is just too tight and holding the jar under my arm isn't a good idea, don't ask.

I think that the two Advils I took this morning, made my brain a bit impaired. When I got out of my car this morning (this is at work), I put the office key in my LEFT pocket, my bags and jacket on my left arm, holding, carefully, my travel mug, with coffee, in my RIGHT hand.
I had to unlock the door, of course, and it was a beautiful sight to see me getting the key from my pocket, holding the coffee mug and trying not to spill any coffee anywhere.

Yesterday I was talking about knitting and trying to finish the jacket, that I started a few weeks ago. Well, I tried to knit last night, and please do not tell anybody, but the movement made my hand even worse.

I wish I knew how to knit the funny way, where one throws the yarn over the needle. I would think that my right hand would not have so much work to do, when knitting two sts. together.
Maybe I am wrong, and since I am wrong in different matters, way too often, I will leave knitting for now, until my hand is all better. kiss kiss.


Janet said...

I once broke my left wrist (I'm right-handed) and trying to get a bra hooked was impossible! Not to mention so many other things. We tend to take hands for granted until we don't have them and then it becomes clear how much we need them for everything! I'm sorry you're having this problem. It really takes a toll on creative people....I guess you didn't finish that jacket and wear it several times!! By the way, I knit it that funny way. I throw the yarn over the needle. People seem to think I would like the other way better since I crochet but it seems awkward for me. We each have our own preferences even about knitting!! Hope your hand gets better soon.

Pirk said...

I am on my way to see my doc.
the swelling is getting larger.

I hope it's just a muscle that is acting up.

Sherri said...

You be careful - you don't want to end up in a mess like me! Put the needles down and walk away. (I know, easier said than done)

Pirk said...

it was tendon, inflamed,
got antibiotics and the hand is much better now.