Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Free Pattern continues

Now that the color change is under control we can proceed. Alternating the two colors: I made 7 rows with the second color (C2) and 6 with main color, and continued with MC for 14 rows, or so.

Just don't forget to mark the end of the row, or the first stitch, otherwise you will have hard time figuring out where is the beginning of the row, unless, of course, you tend to do your own thing, just like me, then it doesn't really matter, does it?

Ok, then I made another set of alternating colors, and finished off two rows before the row where the slots for the "handle" is going to be done. But that will be another post, since I need to do some work now.

The pictures show the first set of rows, the middle part, and the edging and the cord with beads.

Oh, and a picture of one side of my desk. Don't you just love those piles of paper, and I have to print and clear about the same amount more, if only someone would have ordered TONER for the printer.

Someone (the one who was supposed to order it) just smugly told me "you just have to wait" GGGGRRRRRRRRR.


Janet said...

Love the pattern, Pirk! I've been busy, too and I'm catching up. The colors you chose for this are so fresh and summery, and I think it's great that you're doing all this with pictures to help new crocheters. I don't have any cotton yarn so I'll have to get some so I can do one of these bags.

Pirk said...

Thank you, Janet.

I'll be gone for the weekend, but hopefully will time to read some of your blog.