Monday, March 12, 2007

I wish I found things easily

I spent a good hour yesterday, looking for a book by Julia Cameron. It's the "Artist Way".
I have had it for years, and I even bought another book by her, something to do with walking.
That one is somewhere safe, too.
What did I do today? First I checked the library listings, but all the copies are waiting for someone, or at least they are not available right now. Then I called a surplus bookstore, but the lady has not called back yet.
What did I do then? I went surfing in Amazon, and the water was high, and inviting, and I ordered three books. "Finding Water", "Artist Way", and "Artist Way Workbook". by the time I'll get home, I am sure my "Artist Way" has found itself in a visible place. No problem, I am sure I can find someone who has a birthday coming up, and wants the book. This is ONLY, if my own copy shows up.

A friend of mine sent me a book "Simple Abundance" and I am now reading it one day at a time.
The book is at home, so I can't tell what I read yesterday. I have not read today's entry yet.


Sherri said...

I read Simple Abundance about 7 years ago and it changed the way I look at a lot of things. I think it will truly do the same for you. I still keep a gratitude journal, only now it's in my head not written down. Somedays it's as simple as "I am grateful that I woke up this morning".

You will find your books when you need to and not a moment earlier. I truly believe that the Universe provides all things (good and bad) at the exact moment when needed so that we can learn from the experience - whether we like the lesson or not!

Pirk said...

I am only starting to read the SA book.
You have wise words there, Sherri.