Monday, March 12, 2007

Artist Way

You should know that every once in a while I act logically, and even think logically.
I have a filing cabinet that has doors, opening to two shelves, and three pull out drawers.
I have my art supplies in the cabinet part. Brushes, paints, pencils, sketch books, etc.
On my way home from work I decided to check in that cabinet, and sure enough, both Julia Cameron's books were there: "The Artist's Way" (paperback) and "Walking in this World" (hardcover!). The Artist's Way book is full of stickers, I am sure I have tried to study what is in it. Logic has worked, at least once in my life. or twice now.

I could not cancel my order from Amazon, it's already being prepared for shipment. Some lucky person is going to get the AW book from me. The workbook stays with me, as well as the "Finding Water".

Allright then, I will now go and read some of my interesting books. First the Simple Abundance and then Artist's Way, oh, and knit some.

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