Tuesday, March 13, 2007

First Week

Let's see how long this is going to last. I did my morning pages after I arrived to work. Well, I slept in, and had to rush. So there was no time to write anything at home. I arrived 15 minutes early, after all.
I also did some "evening pages" after reading some pages from "The Artist's Way" last night.
Yesterday's Simple Abundance was about "how do I look". I did look fairly rotten yesterday, at times, because I felt rotten. I must start feeling better about myself, so maybe I would look better.
I left the book at home, and feel that I should call my hubby (I called) and ask what is the theme for today in the SA book. I have a sketch book, knitting, and The Artist's Way book with me, as well as the note book, where I write my "evening and morning pages".

Today's quote is "accepting yourself as you are today". How do I do that? Nothing is clear for me today. In other words, I should accept the fact that I am disorganized and alive.

While looking for my valuable books, including "Clones Lace" I found, on the bookshelf, "the right to write" by Julia Cameron. I am still looking for my rights.

This bag has nothing to do with what I am doing right now, other than it's another thing that I can't find.

Shame on me, to be such a disorganized individual. There must be a book somewhere that tells me how to organize my stuff. I do have one, called something like "organizing for creative people" close enough.

OMG, I took a peek in the pages...I found the book in Amazon, and I got

shivers and my heart started racing. Someone can come and organize me first.


Liz Boily said...

Dear Pirko; It's a great book - I have had it for a few years now and if nothing else I understand why we creative people have a hard time getting organized -it's that old right brain/left brain thing but with great tips to make it work for you.
Liz Boily

Pirk said...

Hi, Liz,

I promised myself to start reading the book this coming week. I got thru the first two pages, and decided that this book is definitely for me.
Thanks, Liz, for the encouragement.