Saturday, March 10, 2007

I found it!

First, on Thursday I received two books from One was Jenny Dowde's Freeformations and the other was ... oops, I forgot, that means I have to go and look, just a sec.

Yes, it was Yarn stash ideas.

On Friday, I received a beautiful ATC from my friend Janet. She is a master making these cards, but she's also a master with her paintings.

Here is the card:

And this morning, regardless of the stupid fact that I slept until 10:30,

I found the box my hubby and I have been looking for two weeks.

In the box I have yarn, bought from WOOLCO, if anyone remembers that store. One skein cost $1.89, which wasn't too expensive even then. This must be over 20 years ago. I know, because I had not met my now-hubby yet. I bought it when my mom visited me before I met him. Yeeeaaa, so the yarn must be 20 years old. Woolco closed its doors, in Canada, in the early 90's.

My mom made about 45 - 4" squares and I had made 5, different ones. I had also started something from a pattern that appeared in Vogue knitting, 1993. I must have thought that the squares didn't make anything nice.

I need to go grocery shopping, but I would like to stay at home and PLAN, I am good at planning, what to do with this treasure.
So, what, if my hand still hurts. I can plan, can I?

I still have to find a ball of size 20 red Opera thread, and the Clones Lace book. I need to look for something else, and those two will show up. I was looking for the book, when I found the yarn.
It works every time.


Janet said...

Oh, that book on freeform looks good. Let me know if it is. And the one about stash ideas....I think that's something I could really use!! I have all my yarn in the attic right now!
I love that tangerine color and the squares are so pretty. I'm sure you'll think of something wonderful to create with them.

Pirk said...

The Freeformations is an interesting book. Lots of nice pictures from the works of several designers. Also pieces for beginners.

The stash book has interesting shawls in it. I might try one or two.

I might use the squares to make a jacket and use Tunisian crochet with them...I might.