Monday, March 19, 2007

Monday snow

It's been a week, and nothing exciting has happened, really.
I started some morning and evening pages, and did quite well, until Saturday and
Sunday. This morning I wrote the time and the date, and five words.

I am still working on the spring jacket. The first sleeve is on the needles, but heaven knows
when the whole thing is done. I had a brilliant idea this morning, on the way to work, to make a cable button band, with button holes and all. that means some thinking from my part, since, of course, I don't have a dang pattern to do that. I have to chart it myself. Crap.

I was not going to mention anything about my project I was working on last week, but I give you a hint: it's going to be a free pattern, but everyone must be patient. I am not a pattern writer, so it's going to take a while. At least this week.

The books that I ordered last week from have not arrived, so I have to read the books I have on hand; and the one right now is the organizing book.

It is such a pleasure when I find something immediately, like a roll of sewing thread that I needed yesterday. I knew I had seen it many times in the past few days. So of course I went to get it, where I "knew" it was, but was not. It was in front of me on the table where I had my
project. To see or not to see? I need new glasses.

My Clones Lace book is still missing. I keep looking for something else, but from the corner of my eye I peek if that book would show up, since I am "not looking" for it. I think I have to check if Amazon has it, and order it, just to find my own one. This mess that I have in my stash room is costing me too much money.

Oh, the snow? Yes, it's snowing now. But "they" promised it will change to rain later on.


Janet said...

More snow??!! We've been having some beautiful spring weather almost summer-like! I wish I could package it up and send it to you.

A free pattern! That sounds great. I'll look forward to seeing what you're creating. I'm sure it will be fun. (Sassy says "hi")

When I look for lost things I never seem to find them until I stop looking for them....then they show up!

Pirk said...

Sounds like you are having a great weather.
The snow was very light, and it's almost gone. See the pictures.
Hi, Sassy!