Monday, March 05, 2007


My son's MIL had a birthday yesterday. We went to Mandarin restaurant to have some Chinese food. I was very careful with my eating because I didn't want to feel stuffed afterwards.

I was good.

The waiters came to bring a little cake with a candle for the birthday girl, but they had a mistake in who had the big day, and gave the cake to our granddaughter. She looked stunned, and kept saying, quietly, 'it's nana's birthday', but she did blow out the candle. We had a good laugh, and the picture is of our granddaughter, still baffled about the birthday cake.

I've been working on my vest, now a jacket, and have finished the back and both front pieces, and working now on the sleeves. I started that a few weeks ago, and stopped to do other things, but now am determined to finish it.

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Janet said...

That is a darling photo!

Can't wait to see the vest/jacket when you're finished. As fast as you work, it's probably already done and you've worn it a couple of times!!