Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's a doll world

Another doll.

What is it with purple dolls? They look so cute, don't they.

Spent another night looking for something that I might finish one day. I am talking about a UFO. I started it last year in May. I found the start, and an extra ball of yarn, but the rest of the yarn is in a box, that has disappeared. It is so strange, things disappear in my home. I was also looking for a ball of yarn for another project, and then decided to count the balls and what I had used, and came to a conclusion that there are no balls missing, for that project.

It was a good thing that hubby cooked, so I had time to knit and crochet, and look for the yarns.

It is sad to think that I have to re-organize my whole stash room, just to find one box. It is sad that I am so disorganized that every time I look for something it's not to be found easily. Sometimes I put things in special places, to be found later, easily. But those special places are so special that there is no way I can find them immediately. One good thing about the search program is that I ALWAYS find something interesting, which I then put in a special place.

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