Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Why is it that once yawning starts it's difficult to stop?

This time it's happening to me, because I am sleepy. I watched CSI at midnight,
it was a rerun, and I had seen it already. Who in their right mind watches
a rerun in the middle of the night? I just didn't want to go to bed. I felt
rebellious, I wanted to sleep in and be late for work. Just like some others
do every day. But nooh, not me. Got up, and was at work half an hour earlier
than I am supposed to be. Even after stopping at the gas station; 91.5¢ / litre, whoa!

The best yawning moments for me are in the car, on the way home. By the time
I get there, the yawning has stopped, and I am deliciously alert. Ready to do some
knitting or crocheting. Just like last night. I managed to crochet and knit a few
preemie hats. I now have a total of 11 done, and more is on schedule for tonight.
Although, "Gilmore Girls" is on tonight, but I might knit while watching it,
I can do that. Crocheting and TV together isn't as easy.

If that Christopher doesn't
leave the show soon, I'll stop watching it. So far, this year, I have not had as much
fun with the show as previous seasons. Why did they have to change the writers?
What a stupid move, for the last seasons. It just leaves a bad taste. I used to wait
eagerly for the next episode, but now I merely think about it's going to be on tonight.


So far this year I have managed to make a bag, 6 afghan squares, 11 preemie hats and the
back piece for a vest, now jacket, that I started some time ago. I have started one of the
fronts, but had made a mega mistake and had to rib it to the beginning. I managed, with
great effort to finish the first half of the chart, and that's when crocheting afghan squares
for charity seemed much more appealing.

I think everyone needs to do something easy, just to recharge the thinking
molecules for a little bit more challenging project.

Oh, I almost forgot, I made freeform scrumbles, one for Water and the other for Fire. Those are for a challenge program in our freeform group. I am not posting pictures until March, when everyone else has done their pieces.
My next challenge project will be to crochet AIR. Yes, you got it AIR. I have started already,
and am quite excited about it. It came to me when I was making the preemie hats. I had the perfect color for the hat, and the yarn felt like air, it was so soft and light. Perfect for Air!
If there is enough time, I might even try making a piece for Earth.

Aside from knitting and crocheting, I have done couple more ATC cards, and perhaps I will post a picture of them tonight, provided I don't YAWN all night.

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Janet said...

I can just see you yawning on your way home! You're right....it is contagious. Once one person yawns then everyone yawns.
I can crochet and watch tv but I can't knit and watch tv....unless it's just garter stitch. I'm doing a fun fur scarf on one of those looms right now. I don't have to think much to do that!