Tuesday, February 27, 2007


It's been fairly unproductive lately at this studio. Startitis has attacked, and nothing really has been completed, UNTIL last night. I finished a knitted doll I had started in 2005, I believe, in September, or so. Well, finished isn't the right word, I hid the yarn ends from arms and legs, and, well, that's how far I got. The other doll, the bigger one, is done with Tunisian crochet, and it was a fun process. Tunisian crochet makes the fabric a bit more dense, so the stuffing isn't as visible as in a loose crocheted stitch.
I truly believe that I've been invaded by some sort of blockage in creative
area. Mind you, those two dolls are pretty good for a few hours' work. So, OK, I started the smaller one way back when, but, I feel as if I only made it yesterday. Hmm. Oh, and the hat for the bigger doll is on loan from another doll that is not quite finished yet.
We have gasoline shortage, here in the city. I have a full tank, but if the shortage continues, as some people say, until mid March, this girl is going to start taking the bus to work. The good thing about taking the bus is that if I get the bus early, I might get a seat and then I have about 25 minutes to knit or crochet. One can get a lot accomplished in that time period.
The only thing that bothers me is waiting for the next bus. It's maddening to see four buses go the other direction, when you have stood in the cold for 20 minutes waiting, for ONE. I could have crocheted or knitted, if if wasn't so cold. That can be done easily in a warm weather. I just have to remember to make sure that the yarn skein isn't at the bottom of my purse, but is in a place where the yarn runs smoothly to my needles. That is a jacket pocket, pant pocket, or a separate knitting bag. These things must be carefully planned if one is about to take the bus to work.
Talk about work, it's time to do some.


Janet said...

I took the bus to work for several years when I lived near L.A. and you're right....you have to plan ahead! I carried a purse that was so big it was almost a small suitcase but it held everything I could possibly need. So far we're doing ok with gasoline but you just never know.
Love your dollies....but then they're purple!!

Pirk said...

Yes, the purple sisters.
I just like making dolls with different colors.

Pretty Lady said...

Do you sell them? I would like to have one. Please contact me. I have been browsing your whole blog and it's adorable everything you make. Thank you.