Wednesday, February 07, 2007

It's still cold

It's winter, I suppose. Freezing cold wind slithers thru your sleeves, into your arms, making you shiver and hope that you could be somewhere warm, like in the kitchen baking bread.
Of course, if you have a bread maker, then you might still feel the coldness that you brought in from outside. It's amazing how long the cold stays with you, once you have been hit by it. It takes several minutes, blowing warm air into your hands, although the coldest part might be your face. I am just wondering how would you blow warm air into your face. Hairdryer could be handy. But, usually, the hairdryers are not in the kitchen. The fastest warming trick is hot water from the tap, unless pipes were burst due to freezing cold.
Now, if you insist opening the windows or the patio door, to let your lovely pets out, remember to wear woollen hat, mittens and a parka, that has some sort of fur, fake or not, trimming just to make you believe that the fur trimming would make the parka even warmer than it really is. If the parka has loose sleeves, make sure your oven is on, for the bread.

And to make matters worse, these two cards were finished this afternoon.


Janet said...

I'm so very glad I live where it doesn't get that cold! I remember it though....being so cold I was shaking and couldn't stop. I have a bread maker but I still like to put something in the oven to bake.

I like your butterfly card. Is that fabric for the background?

Pirk said...

No, it's a pen drawing. I tend to do that a lot. I just painted some transparent fabric coating on it, and it smudged the ink a little bit.