Tuesday, February 06, 2007

ATC in my mind

Little problem with my cards, they warp when I add something on the card, like felting or drawing that is covered with shiny coating.

I think I might be using the wrong kind of paper/cardboard.

Anyone has good suggestions, before I go insane. The one here, with all green, is OK, because I had it under pressure overnight.

All those other ones warp, even though they too were pressed, but not as long... Remember, I just started this new obsession. Hmm, last night I did nothing, because I was upset about the warping.

And another question, the one that is highest on the pile has beads glued on, how can I be sure they stay? Is there a magic glue that can be used? I covered the beads with Elmer's glue, which turns transparent when dries. Oh, there is so much to learn, isn't there?

Other than the cards, I dove to my yarn stash, and found many UFOs that I want to finish, for example, a fuchsia scarf. My favorite color NOT. It is amazing what levels I will go in starting new projects without finishing off the old ones. Many levels, I believe. How do I categorize the levels...oh, that would be another project, organized thinking.

It's 7 in the morning, so you must understand that half of my brain is still sleeping, or living the insane dream that I had last night.


Janet said...

Sometimes my cards warp a bit too. I use all kinds of things for the backings....playing cards, lightweight cardboard that I save from boxes, just about anything that I can cut to size! If it's too thin I glue more than one layer together. As for the beads I don't know if they will stay but there is a glue called Jewel It (I think that's it) and it's made especially for beads and gems.

Pirk said...

Thanks for the info, Janet. I'll check into the glues.