Monday, October 30, 2006

Beautiful Autumn Day

Once again, hubby and I went to a nearby park, via Tim's, of course. We just can't go to the park without our Tim's coffee. And this time the lid opening was not in the middle of the cup seam. Perhaps someone has complained.

It's been a beautiful, sunny, and fairly warm day. It is nice that we have this huge valley behind us, and are able to go and discover many nature beauties, even in the fall, when everything is ready for winter.

Some parts look sad, but behind the fallen leaves, and drying plantation, there is water tinkling between the rocks, running happily towards the next curve, turning to a slight swirl, and continuing its path over any obstacles that might be on its way.


Janet said...

Beautiful photos! I especially like the first one (the path) and the last one....what are those red things? Are they some kind of flower? Whatever they are, I like them.

And I'm glad your coffee lid was on the right way today. No drips!

~drew emborsky~ said...

Very nice photos! Thanks for sharing!!

Pirk said...

Thanks so much, you two!

Janet, I don't know what they are, they just looked wicked so I too the picture.