Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Rainy Day

It was deadly quiet and still this morning, and then the thunder came. There was no wind, no rain, the sky was grey in the north and orangeish, yellowish, and grayish in the east. (I love creating new words). The leaves in the tree were so still that I thought the tree was a statue, not a living creature.

Then the rain came. It came with an army of rainbullets, pounding the poor tree leaves, pounding anything that was in its way. I remembered that I had to take a shower and get ready for work.

I have been thinking of my designing career. For some reason I have never thought of myself as
a designer. I have just made things. Either from patterns or from my imagination. Either way,
designing isn't the word I would use for my work. I would use creating stuff. I give all designers credit for their hard work and beautiful ideas; I just don't think that I should be included in that group, since I don't work hard to make patterns, I don't make things so that other people could copy. I just create things as my mood allows to create. The technicality of pattern writing isn't something that will sit well in the filing system of my brain. Just give me a hook, or needles, piece of yarn or thread, and tell me to start from a dot, and I'll do it. Just don't tell me what I MUST make, because that will turn my interest around. Unless, of course I myself decide to make something specific, like a gift for someone. Christmas is coming and my pattern books are out. TSK TSK.

Said that, I am truly fascinated on work that other people design/create and this is how my interest stays alive for the knitting and crocheting art.

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Janet said...

Your description of the rain is wonderful. I could almost feel it! I love a good rain storm.

I would say you are most definitely a designer....and a very creative one, at that. But I do think writing a pattern would be a drag. I'm not that technical minded either.

I love your freeform things. That is where my interest lies. I like that freedom to do what I want, the way I want!