Monday, October 02, 2006

Idle chat again

I am staring at a plastic container on my desk. There are several green and red jelly beans.
I had put some of the jelly beans already in the front desk candy bowl. You see, I quite often go and visit the receptionist, or should I say, the candy bowl. I left some in the container for my desk, so I don't have to get up and walk to the front. I feel extremely lazy today.

Oh, yes, the dress from our granddaughter was a perfect fit, and she looked amazing in it. I mean, she looks amazing anyway, but this time it was the dress too.

If there are any knitters or hookers reading this, I would like to have your honest opinion (I know a few answers already) of what happens when you buy a magazine or a book with a specific pattern that you want to make. If you don't start immediately but have already bought
several magazines since then, do you go back to the one you liked first, or do you think something better might appear in the next batch of magazines? Or, do you create your own pattern and use ideas from any old/new magazines?

I bought silk yarn in Argentina, two years ago, and started drooling over it yesterday. First I decided to make my own pattern, then I checked a few magazines, and now I want to combine one pattern from Berroco, and some from my magazines, and the rest depends on how the yarn will cooperate.

This is so hard, this planning phase, don't you agree?

Here is the silk yarn. It's a little bit heavy, so I have to be careful
what I am going to make.

You may check in a year or two to see, if I made anything at all.


Janet said...

She looks very pleased with the dress....and she looks cute wearing it.

I buy magazines, look at the patterns, then forget which mag azine I saw them in! I have soooo many patterns that it would take me too long to search through them so I usually end up searching for patterns online!

I love the colors of the yarn, and the Berroco pattern is pretty.

Pirk said...

Thank You, Janet.

I have decided to do my own design, after all. There are tons of nice patterns, but I need to combine them all, before I will be happy.


What a stunning combination of yarn colours.. Looking forward to seeing the finished product or a W.I.P.