Monday, October 09, 2006

Once a year cold

There are not too many thoughts in my mind, since most of my thinking deals with cough syrups and cold medicines.

We managed to go to another park today, and of course some pictures were taken.


Janet said...

Beautiful photos! You must live near some fabulous parks.

Take care of yourself. Have some tea with lemon and a shot of whiskey!!

myra said...

Awww Pirk, feel better!!!

Pirk said...

AAAWWW, girls, thank you.

I went to work this morning, but lasted until after lunch. I had to do some knitting. I came home after 3.

Feeling better now, thank you!

There is a valley near my home, but the city is full of beautiful parks.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, the link has lead me here, a new place from the other side of the world!
Get well soon!
Puisto näyttää kauniilta, vielä niin valoisaa!

Pirk said...

It was a clear, warm day, when we went to this park.

Thank you, Distantknitter.

Leppismummi said...

Hei Pirkko
Aivan ihanat maisemat sinulla ja erittäin hyvä valokuvasilmä.Blogissasi olisi paljon luettavaa ja katseltavaa.
Täytyy palata ajan kanssa takaisin. Nyt pitää mennä töihin.