Saturday, October 07, 2006

Surprise gift

I received a package on Thursday. It was a total surprise. Here is a picture of what was in the package. Look at the socks, they fit perfectly.

The other picture is of a sweater that I am going to make over again, since this first one has been worn thousand times and it's starting to stretch too much. I used 100% cotton. The color used to be navy blue in the darker stripe, but somehow some pink got into it, and I had to bleach the whole thing over and over again, to get rid of the pink. I got rid of the navy blue, but there is still some pink somewhere, fortunately not noticeably.

I copied the pattern from the old sweater, because I cannot find the magazine where the pattern is.

I've done 15 cm of the new one, using acrylic/wool blend yarn.


Janet said...

I've been absent from the blogs for a couple of days so I'm trying to catch up. Those socks are gorgeous! What a nice surprise!!

Pirk said...
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