Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday stuff

First of all, one sock for hubby is done, one more to go. The sock fits, and I am happy.

The yarn is wonderful to work with, and I am eager to begin knitting the pair for this one.

Secondly, I found nice, wood furniture in the antique market today, for 20 our bucks. Not bad. I also found a statue of an old woman sitting on a rocking chair, reading. Two of my little dolls are listening to grandma reading, in the living room. Oh, ok, the dollhouse is not built yet, this is a temporary arrangement. I wish I had tools, I would build the house with wood. Well, I don't have the tools or skills, so I have to pray for a miracle. Or, I might ask hubby to build one.

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Claudia said...

I used to do dollhouses! Did one for my older daughter, which I finished, then built on for my younger daughter, which I didn't, and she sold it at a garage sale when she needed money to buy a car. I really miss miniatures - I love them!