Thursday, October 19, 2006

Idle talk, part... um... 5?

I have a small fridgie attached on my filing tray, on my desk. The fridgie has a black cat coming out of a pumpkin. Now, why on earth would a black cat want to go inside a pumpkin? My cat, who isn't black, would do it, but a black cat?

A co-worker brought me a coffee from Tim's. Why do these people at these coffee places have to
dump the lid on the cup, so that the opening of the lid hits the seam of the cup.? Every single time. The seam gets wet from the coffee, when I drink it, and then it starts curling open and it's disgusting. I have started, in my conscious moments, to turn the lid around, so that the seam is far away from the opening. I would take a picture, but my camera is at home. Why would I bring my camera to work? There is nothing interesting here, just desks and people who work, or don't work, and filing cabinets, computers, chairs, piles of paper, and a dying plant on my desk.

Right now it is spooky quiet in this office. There is a meeting in the boardroom There was also a coffee brewing in the kitchen, and I was told not to drink it, because the coffee is for the meeting people. What makes them so special? Oh, well, I like my Tim's coffee more than the one that was brewing in that old coffee maker with some icky coffee grains, that we buy for the office. Can't we buy some decent coffee for the people here, who work so hard, or not? It would be so great, if there was a nice cappucino maker and some expresso coffee, and some nice tea, too, none of that general store brand tea. Although, I've heard those store brand items are the same as the ones on the shelf with higher price and nicer packaging. I know, it's true, I have tasted store brand coffee and compared it to the expensive one, same stuff. Almost. That reminds me,

I must go to the grocery store on the way home, we need coffee and bread. Should I buy some nice dessert, too? Like ice-cream? Maybe some orange/black iced cupcakes, after all, Halloween is around the corner, isn't it? I thought it was next week, but it isn't. We still have one full week of October, how nice. Oh, that relieves me from some self-indulged stress. I was rushing to make something for Halloween, don't know what, just yet, but something, and now I realize that I have plenty more time to procrastinate than before I realized this delightful misinterpretation of days to come. Please, bear with me, I make up meanings for words, when they look like they mean what I want to say. If they don't, skip the part.

I have not complained about the traffic lately. It's been a while. I want to say that traffic in the mornings isn't same as it used to be. I have let way too many people go in front of me, and not receiving a wave to thank me, and flicking the lights doesn't seem to be enough hinting. I must say that I was happily surprised one morning, when I realized that my car wasn't crying at one bridge, there was no clonking or other weird noises coming from the suspenders of my car (haha, a new word for those things that make the car sway smoothly, as a Cadillac would do)
when hitting this rough part of the street. No, the road was smooooooth. It had a brand new blanket of asphalt, or some other dark stuff on top. Oh, what a glorious morning that was. Finally, someone fixed the road. If only I could remember the name of the part in a car where the springs are. Shocking, isn't it, that I don't remember? I used to own a Camaro Z28, and the front was making so much noise that I had to take it to be fixed. Nothing was ever found. The poor baby was crying every time the weather got colder.

In the knitting and crocheting department, there isn't too much of anything happening. My left arm is suffering from too much knitting, and I must take it easy for a while. Until I get home tonight. Some orange colored earrings might be nice for Halloween, or maybe I will crochet a black cat and a pumpkin plus a witch who is boiling water in a big black pot.

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~drew emborsky~ said...

I totally do the same thing with my coffee cups. If you don't put the seam at the back then it eventually begins to drip on your shirt!