Saturday, October 21, 2006


I wanted to make a crazy scarf with all the paisleys I had collected from my paisley exchanges.
Of course I could not find the zip log bag, where they all were stored. I spent many hours in my stash room, looking into boxes and bags, no luck.

I decided to make one quick one to wear at the CSNF today. I finished it last night and here is the picture:

This morning, I was looking for a tote bag for my WIP at the show, while I sit in the
booth. I took one, that looked like a good size and was not full of stuff. Just a few
zip log bags, and one of them had the paisleys from exchanges. Yes, you heard me.


Janet said...

Pretty paisley scarf!! Love the reds. And wouldn't you know you would find the others when you no longer needed them!

I tried to comment yesterday but blogger wouldn't let me! Guess today it's ok.

Pirk said...

Thanks, Janet.

It's always happening to me, and specially when I have thrown something out, I will need it the next week, or so.