Friday, October 13, 2006

I will never promise anything

I promised myself, some time ago, that I will NOT knit more socks.
Well, HAH, I bought some sock yarn in Finlad, when I was there last month. I think I was planning to make scarfs. Yeah, right. Thanks to my friend Sherri, who posted a link to sock patterns, and, of course, I had to look, and then get all interested once again. Sheesh.

I am making socks for my hubby; these ones. In a different color, though. I am also using another yarn, so my socks are not going to look like these beautiful green socks. Mine are going to be beautiful blue socks. Ok, I am not finding the sample of the yarn, thinking of scanning, but no, I will take a picture when I get home, and have knitted some more. I am already doing the heel flap.
Ahem, not so bad, I only started last night. The yarn is Novita's Seitsemän Veljestä, Moni Väri in dark blue that has some lighter blue hues here and there.

I also made, last night, two more strips for the silk yarn jacket. I have a disturbing feeling that there is not enough yarn. Well, I will worry about that, after I've done with the blue socks.

Also, get this, I had an idea, HAD being the operative word, to make a doll house. I got discouraged, when I found nothing interesting in a dollar store, when I went today. I only found some idiotic, plastic, small kitchen appliances. YUCK. I want something nice if I am going to make a doll house. I want oak furniture, pine furniture, modern stainless steel appliances, and nice shades for the windows. Asking too much? Well, I am not giving up just yet. Why didn't I pursue my wood working career when I was 5? (I made a pick-up truck, when I was 5, my father made the wheels for it)

In closing for this chat, here is another picture from one of our beautiful parks:


Janet said...

My mom always told me "Never say never!" One of these days I'm going to get brave and tackle a pair of socks!

Years ago when my daughter was small I found an old wood doolhouse and re-did it for her. I had so much fun doing it.

The park is gorgeous! Looks just like an ad for autumn.

Pirk said...

One sock half way thru in the foot part. I was not knitting much last night.

I don't think I have time for dollhouses right now, which is a shame, since I truly like them.