Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Today is 20 years since I met my hubby. We met at a ballroom dance hall, of all the places. Somehow my girlfriend's boyfriend got him to come and dance with me. I had made so many subtle remarks about the man at the door, that there was no question about my intentions.

The link above shows a picture of the dance hall. It looks so much fancier now.
I am sure it was nice looking then, too, when it wasn't a ballroom dance night, but a wedding or some other special event night.

So, we danced a tango. Better yet, he danced and I stepped on his toes. Well, my dancing was a little bit difficult, since I was very nervous, and for the life of me I didn't know how to dance with my feet feeling like jelly. Furthermore, my partner is a foot taller than me. Fortunately he was interested in me, at least a little bit, as he didn't give up after that disastrous dance, but he came to sit with me at the table and we talked. We also made plans to meet again. We did, and we got married three years later, and are still married. By the way, we danced again at my son's wedding, four years ago.

He went to a bakery today, to buy a cake. We are going to have a nice dinner at home, he is cooking, he's a good cook. I don't know what he is going to prepare, but whatever it is, it's good. Trust me.

Twenty years ago, around this time, I was recovering from a major surgery; my mom was visiting me; I had bronchitis; I was attending an art course, which I had to quit, due to my bronchitis (I missed too many classes), and then I met my hubby. It was an interesting autumn.
Some other events have an anniversary on this day.

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Janet said...

Oh, happy anniversary, Pirk!! I love stories about how people meet, and yours was so interesting. The tango, huh!! I can't dance at all! I'm all left feet.

You're sharing the day with a lot of events! I love that last link to all the things that happened on this day.