Monday, November 06, 2006

Knitting for grandkids

Now I've done it. I have, once again, left all my free form stuff on a pile that keeps growing on top of a container that I keep handy when I work in the living room. There are other things, too.
UFO's, WIP's, and books/magazines. Is there no end to my madness? I am desperately trying to get rid of my stash, and not buying new yarn. So what did I do on Saturday? I bought 11 balls of RH Something so soft yarn to make sweaters and jackets for grandkids for Christmas.
Is that so bad? Well, I have yarn, lots of it, to make these items, but then my dear DIL decided that her daughter should get a sweater in "that" color. Well, guess what. I don't have "that" color, that would be suitable for a sweater for that grand daughter. I am sure you guessed it, I had to buy the yarn in that color. Not the light yellow as in the picture, but ecru.

Well, I was not going to make a nice, light, cabled sweater for our granddaughter, with afghan yarn. Why not? Because I am supposed to make an afghan with that yarn for a friend, who, fortunately isn't in a rush for it. When-ever, she had said. I have made a little bit of it, but since I am not too fond of making afghans, that work seems to be ignored a lot. Besides the friend selected a pattern that interests me ZIPNADANIL.

I still have an Aran sweater to finish for our granddaughter, but that is almost done. Hard to type when my fingers are crossed.

So, I am making a jeans jacket for our grandson, false cable sweater for two granddaughters, and nobody else gets handmade gifts from me this year.

The jeans jacket is with Paton's Country Garden, Denim (discontinued). Both these patterns are in the book for kids' knitted sweaters by Cabin Fever designers.

I am positive that I will finish the jean's jacket soon, because I really like it.


Janet said...

Oh, always make me smile. So you bought more yarn!! I guess when it's for the grandkids it doesn't count against your stash! That sounds good to me.

I love the sweater in pale yellow. It looks so sweet, and the jeans jacket is adorable. Can't wait to see the finished ones. And as fast as you knit it will probably be tomorrow!!

Pirk said...

Not tomorrow, Janet, I just got home, it's past 6, I need a full night to finish the body part, and then the sleeves on another full night and thensome...Maybe Friday.

Old Knitter said...

I love the little yellow sweater. I have to track that pattern down. I have a 5 year old granddaughter who needs this!

Pirk said...

It's a very nice pattern, indeed, and easy to make. I have done about 2 inches already. I am determined to finish the jacket first, though.
It would look lovely on any little girl.