Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Picture is crooked

On the wall in our office. I can see it from my desk. I should get up and do something about the picture, but who would notice. It's been like that for weeks. The colors in the picture are fading; it used to be bright but now it has a bluish tone. Which isn't bad at all, but since I know it used to be something else, it catches my eye more often than when it was new.

I re-arranged some plants in my office this morning. I have three big ones, and one pot with four different plants and a fake bird. I said "re-arranged", well, I did, but ended up with the same arrangement as before. There is a glass wall in front of the plants, which are in front of my desk. I just want to cover the dang glass wall. I used to have a sign on the window "feed the animals", but it didn't work, I still had to bring my own lunch, and I still have the stupid glass wall. One of these days I will develop an angry fit, and slam the door so hard that the wall would come down in pieces. Wouldn't that be a sight. Nah, I better not.

My assistant (what a loose word - assistant? what does she assist, I have to tell her everything?) sits in front of me, on the other side of the wall, and I can see what she is doing. Right now she is not at her desk, again; probably chatting with the woman in the front. I can't see there, because the middle part of the office has our computer stuff and storage stuff room. Sometimes I wish that it was built with glass walls, so I could see who goes there to lazy off. haha.

Now, wasn't that totally interesting. This is the way this day is going to be: Interesting.

Guess what I did last night! Hubby and I decided that I could have a new blog connected to my web site. It's been there forever, and I didn't even know. So, we got the blog up and running, but, guess what, I don't like it. It's veeeerry complicated, and I have to log in every five minutes, or that's how it feels. I tried (tested) to post a picture this morning, and couldn't. I have a feeling, it's a yahoo thing. Well, the site builder is yahoo, or is that how it's called? See, I am not very clever with these things, and hubby wanted me to do the designing stuff. He got it going, and then he left the rest up to me. OH PHLEEEEZ. Well, I'll just blog along with this bloggie, and stay simple. At least every once in a while I get a few pictures posted. Like now, I am going to post a picture of a model, who was in a magazine, a long time ago. Oh, the picture isn't a photo, it's a drawing by me. memememe.

Blogger is mad at me, he doesn't want to post the picture. But I can link the pictures to my yahoo album, can't I?
I will try later.

I like talking to myself, so therefore I like the blogggging idea. "Nobody" else listens to me anyway, whine, whine, when I talk about myself, so it's perfect companion for someone who is quiet amongst other people. HAHA and thensome. Does anyone have a cork?


Janet said...

I like all the drawings you have in your album. More, please!!

Pirk said...

That's it, I need to clear some stuff away to get to my other drawings, and I have not done anything for years.