Thursday, November 23, 2006

Don't even say it

That Christmas is around the corner. How many days?

I went to get my passport, since the other one expired, a month ago. Got up shortly after six.
It's amazing how quickly one can get up, get coffee going, and shower, when something else than work is in the agenda. The passport office opened at 8, and I was standing in the line-up (I was third) at 7:25 a.m.

My process was quick and easy, because I had all the papers with me, and the application done properly. I didn't have to be late from work, but since WalMart was near, I just had to go and see how much damage I could make into my bank account. I was late only 15 minutes, and had made up the time earlier. No guilty feelings due.

I bought some acrylic and cotton yarns, "seasonal", thinking that I might make socks for Christmas, or little slippers. I saw the cutest slipper pattern in a Finnish blog, but I am not going to post it here, because then someone is going to ask me to translate it, and I ain't going to do that. (I know, improper English, I know, but I like how it sounds, so there)

Yes, the yarn is "Seasons Greetings" by someone in China. It has 95% acrylic and 5% lurex, and the ball is 100 g, and the yarn is red with red shiny stuff making the yarn festive. The other item I bought for Christmas stuff is "Aunt Lydia's Fashion Crochet Thread" size 3, color white/pearl. I didn't know that Aunt Lydia is in Hungary. I always thought that she was in USA.

I believe it is a Thanksgiving Day in the USA, and I wish everyone a Happy TD! We had ours in October. I am still full, and will not eat turkey, even if I prepare it for Christmas. I will eat meatballs instead. I am such a rebel.

On the knitting table I have work in process for a cardigan, pattern from Cabin Fever, for our granddaughter. Next in line is to finish the Aran cardigan for the same granddaughter. Oh, I need to vent a little bit about that. I am so upset. I had knitted one sleeve, for about 15 cm, when I realized that there should be increases, and sure enough, every 6th row. I had done none. I frogged to the part where I needed the first increase. I am not happy.

That's all for now.

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Janet said...

Pirk, I'm trying to get caught up on my blog reading! Getting your passport, huh....does that mean a trip somewhere over the holidays?

I'll have to see if we have that sparkly yarn at Wal-mart. My problem is that our Wal-,art and Joann's are right next to each other so that means double trouble for my wallet!!