Monday, November 27, 2006


My friend Sherri has invented that word "startitis", and she is very good at it, too. I, however, follow her steps quite well. I finished a cardigan, minus buttons, for our granddaughter, and started a new one. I was very good at the new one, and got quite a lot done. Only to notice that this new sweater was wayyy too big for a two year old. We are talking here about a small adult.
Another sweater for my step daughter, hmmm? I started a summer top for the other granddaughter, who is going to be 3 in May. I used some fancy Italian cotton, which split like crazy, and I decided to stick to my Paton's Grace cotton, if I ever want to make something cottony.

I also started a top, for that almost 3 year old, and dug up some yellow Grace yarn. It's a halter top, a'la Margaret Hubert.
I finished it last night. It's now Tuesday, November 28, 2006. Next on the list is to finish the little skirt that goes with that halter top. The pattern is with the top.

Never mind the Aran sweater that I had started last year, and frogged the other sleeve to almost the beginning. ARRRGGH.

The list goes on and on, and would get boring, if it isn't already.

On the brighter side of the knitting and crocheting world, there is the office life. I have been taking some days off here and there, since I have vacation time left, and have to use it before the year end. It's difficult to decide on the last minute way when to take time off. I've decided that around the weekend is the best time. Not so, seems to me that no time off from work is good, because it isn't. Don't ask. I still have three days left, and I have decided to take them a week before Christmas. so there and I don't care how much complaining that will cause.

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Janet said...

I have a very bad case of startitis! And it seems to get worse around the holidays. I always think I have much more time than I actually have....and usually end up frantically trying to finish something on Christmas Eve!!