Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I might not have any ideas that are mine, because now I had to think about doodling. I visited Janet's pages again, and there she had a beautiful flowery doodling.

This is what I used to do in my doodling days:

The tree was done a long, long time ago, and
I made it for my hubby.


Janet said...

That is just amazing!!!!! I love it! You certainly don't need any inspiration from me! Your "doodle" is real art.

Pirk said...

That was done in 1994, can you imagine, I still have it.

Thanks an oodle! for nice comment on my doodle!

Janet said...

Another amazing one! The tree is just beautiful. I think I see a date of ' that right? Pirk, these are all so wonderful!! You have so much talent.