Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday stuff

I hate it when the week goes by and I have done nothing productive.

Our Granddaughter is now in the hospital and is diagnosed with asthma. Poor little thing.

I went to see her last night, and she was sort of ok, but breathing rapidly, still. She had some tubes in her arm and foot. She liked the gravy that came with mashed potatoes, turkey and broccoli. She also ate the raisins from the rice pudding. And lots of juice.
She is going to stay another night, and hubby and I will go and visit her today, after my work.
Hubby went this morning.

On the knit/crochet site, nothing, really, to report. It's been more or less looking for yarns, sorting them in the zip-log bags, by colors, or by brands. I have started a skirt for granddaughter, with Anne cotton, but made a mistake, in my humble opinion (read this like: in my wicked opinion) I don't like the turquoise/cream combo I am using. I SHOULD HAVE bought the light blue to go with the turquoise, but nooo, I wasn't thinking. I am sure I would have some other color combo in my stash, if I felt like lifting two million boxes and containers to get to the bottom container, where all my Anne and Clea yarns are. See, I am "somewhat" organized. Haha. Anne and Clea yarns are in one box, and Patons Grace yarns are in another box. I wish I could say the same with everything else.

I think I have the too many WIPs syndrome this week, I feel totally uninspired to start something that would keep my interest to the end. Hopefully this weekend will change my mood.


Janet said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your granddaughter's asthma. It seems that so many children have that now.

On the color combination....I've done that so many times! I'll look at the skeins together and they look great but then when I start working them they don't look the same.

e's knitting and spinning blog said...

i hope your grandaughter is doing better!

Pirk said...

Thank You for the well wishes.

Granddaughter is now well, and behaving like a toddler should (whatever that is)