Sunday, May 28, 2006


While waiting for the days to reach June 9th, when the World Cup begins, I need to make some adjustments into my attitude of vest making. I must hurry up and decide on the process. I only have 12 full days to finish anything that is due before the CGOA summer show.

Granddaughter came over last night. I was showing her mom some yarns that I could use to make a summer dress for the little lady. She picked "peacock" by Patons Grace. Later into the
evening all of us decided to get a little package togeter for the new baby (born May 18th), and I said to my hubby that I had already started a blanket for the baby. This little man is the brother to our other granddaughter, who had her two-year birthday yesterday.

Early this morning hubby and I went to downtown. I got out of the car just before Romni store, to go and see if I could find some other yarn for the little summer dress, since I had decided this morning that Grace yarn was too thick. It would make a dress that was too warm. I found some nice cotton yarn, in the basement, but it's not suitable for this particular dress that I have in my mind. Of course I had to go and see what else was available in this humangous store, full of yarn and thread. I found a nice cotton and nylon mix yarn, made by Bernat, called "cool crochet". The color wasn't the most exciting on the skein, but my vision of a ready made dress told me differently. The color on the chart from the link isn't anything like the yarn I have on the skein. It has brown, beige and two shades of pink.

As soon as we got home from downtown, I dug out the blanket and started finishing it off. It's a MAM (mile-a-minute) baby blanket. The most simple pattern I can think of. I know that many of my friends don't even want to think about MAM blankets, but I find them relaxing and easy to make. Except now, when I want to have it done, so I can start on the dress for our granddaughter.

Then I have to work on the vest, which now has been sitting in the basket, looking totally rejected. What happened to my butterfly? The thread is staring at me from the pile of WIPs, the salmon color on top of some of the MAM strips.


Janet said...

Sounds as if you're gonna be very busy. Keep those wrist supports handy!

I love Mile a Minute! It's good for when I don't want to think about the pattern while I'm crocheting. Kind of mindless work.

Pirk said...

So true, Janet. MAM system is easy.

The blanket is almost done.

Janet said...

Pirk, Thank you for all the nice comments you left on my blog. I'm still having problems uploading photos so I'll keep trying. If you want to see a few of my things they are here:
I hope that works. You'll have to get through the kitty photos but there are some of my little purses.